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This is Fashion Knowledge. Join Beata Wilczek, founder and research director at Unfolding Strategies, a fashion consultancy and edu lab for fashion in web3 and her guests to discover new and brave voices in fashion innovation, design, research, and education. Tune in and learn about Just, Sustainable, and Digital Fashion Futures, straight from the Unfolding Strategies headquarters in Berlin and beyond.

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  • E20: Fashion, Race & Platforms with Kimberly Jenkins
    May 21 2024

    Kimberly Jenkins is the Founder and Director of Artis Solomon, offering consultancy on fashion history and cultural awareness and powering The Fashion and Race Database. She is best known for running the Fashion and Race course at Parsons and her work as an education consultant for Gucci. Learn about Fashion, Society & the Politics of Representation.

  • E19: Redefining Bag Design & Material Innovation with PUBLISHED BY
    February 28 2024

    Christoph Tsetinis, based in Vienna, serves as the Founder and Creative Director of PUBLISHED BY, an Austrian studio, merging state of the art 3D modeling and production technologies with precision craftsmanship to create sculptural accessories. Learn about Sculptural Accessories, Design Innovation & Advanced 3D Technologies.

  • E18: Physical AI, Jacquard & Wearable Tech with Ivan Poupyrev
    January 24 2024

    Dr. Ivan Poupyrev is an award-winning inventor, scientist, and entrepreneur. He is currently the CEO and founder of Archetype AI, a deep tech AI startup. He is a former technology executive at Google and previously worked as a research scientist at Disney Imagineering and Sony. Learn about Smart Wearables & the Future of Interactive Fashion.

  • E17: Post-Internet Fashion Design Strategies with Marie Genevieve Cyr
    December 19 2023

    Marie Genevieve Cyr is a fashion designer, artist, and educator. Her most recent research examines the politics of abstract desire, hyper-reality, hyper-consumption, and the online social space - the internet. Learn about how do post-internet artistic strategies influence fashion design practices.

  • E16: Generative Art, Randomness & Feeling Lucky with Maya Man
    November 21 2023

    Maya Man is a an artist focused on contemporary identity culture on the internet. Her websites, generative series, installations, textiles, and social media posts examine dominant narratives around femininity, authenticity, and the performance of self online. Learn about Generative Art & Digital Serendipity.

  • E15: Fashion Trends & Artificial Intelligence with Julie Pont
    July 17 2023

    Julie Pont is a Fashion & Creative Director at Heuritech. She specializes in trend and cultural research, as well as data analysis to provide real-time data solutions for fashion businesses to help them understand and anticipate consumer trends. Learn about Fashion Trends & Artificial Intelligence.

  • E14: Digital Skin, Body Tech & Innovation Design with Scarlett Yang
    June 19 2023

    Scarlett Yang is a London-based Innovation Designer and Founder of Studio Scarlett Yang. The studio pioneers in sustainable design, ecological and virtual materials, and collaborates with leading brands and museums around the world. Learn about Digital Skin, Body Tech & Innovation Design.

  • E13: Designing Diverse Avatars & Nurturing Inclusive Spaces with Mica Le John
    May 22 2023

    Mica Le John is a CEO and Co-Founder of Idoru, a creative technology company building new platforms at the intersection of identity, self-expression and culture. Learn about Diverse Avatars and Bodies in Web3.

  • E12: Generative Fashion & Clean NFTs with Elizabeth Bigger
    July 30 2022

    Elizabeth Bigger is a Fashion and Technology Practitioner focusing on climate impact, arts, and pioneering technologies. Learn about Digital Sustainability, Fashion Futures and NFTs.

  • E11: Brands, Values & Being Less Shit in Web3 with Lydia Pang
    July 16 2022

    Lydia Pang is a Frankenstein, misfit creative with a decade of experience in mission driven marketing. Lydia is the Co Founder and Creative Director of MORNING, a digital strategy and conscious storytelling studio. Learn about Values, Community and Web3.

  • E10: Curating Digital Fashion & NFTs with David Cash
    June 25 2022

    David Cash launched Cash Labs with over 6 years of commercial photo/video production experience. They are currently the lead curator of Decentraland, a contributor to Vogue Singapore and an Advisor for organizations and artists in the NFT/Web3 space. Learn about NFTs, Metaverse Fashion and Digital Culture.

  • E9: Digital Clothes, Virtual Sampling & Bodies in Web3 with Yifan Pu
    June 11 2022

    Yifan Pu is a Chinese virtual fashion designer and artist, advocating for zero-waste pattern making. Her work has been futured in Vogue Germany, i-D Germany and Hunger Magazine. Learn about Virtual Fashion and Digital Sustainability.

  • E8: Immersive, Real-Time & Virtual Fashion Experiences with Costas Kazantzis
    May 28 2022

    Costas Kazantzis works as a Creative Technologist at the Fashion Innovation Agency and focuses on identifying novel ways through which game engine technology, 3D design, and XR can reshape fashion. Learn about Immersive technologies, Digital and Metaverse Fashion.

  • E7: Fashion, Algorithms & Digital Literacy with Chinouk Filique de Miranda
    December 23 2021

    Chinouk Filique de Miranda is a Rotterdam-based design researcher and critical practitioner, working with fashion system and digital culture. Learn about Alghoritmic Gaze, Data and Fashion Ethics.

  • E6: Fantasy Vibes, Hope & Digital Culture with Tabitha Swanson
    October 29 2021

    Tabitha Swanson is a Berlin-based multi-disciplinary designer, creative technologist, and artist. Her practice includes 3D, animation, augmented reality, digital fashion, graphic design, and UX/UI. Learn about Digital Clothes and Digital Design.

  • E5: Digital Fashion, NFTs & Blockchain for Metaverse with Marjorie Hernandez
    October 8 2021

    Marjorie Hernandez is a Caracas-born architect, strategist, and innovation expert. Hernandez is a Founder and CEO of LUKSO Blockchain and The Dematerialised. Learn about Fashion Innovation, Technology and NFTs.

  • E4: Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Strategies with Noorin Khamisani
    August 6 2021

    Noorin Khamisani is a fashion designer, educator, and researcher. Learn about Sustainable Fashion, Fashion Education and Circularity.

  • E3: African Fashion, Postcolonial Narratives & Digital Access with Erica de Greef
    July 18 2021

    Erica de Greef is an independent fashion curator, decolonial fashion activist, writer, maker, and academic. She is co-founder of the African Fashion Research Institute. Learn about Ethical Fashion, Culture and Fashion Futures.

  • E2: Virtual Humans, CGI Creatures & Filter Ethics with Harriet Davey
    July 3 2021

    Harriet Davey is a Berlin-based 3D artist who has worked for clients such as Maison Margiela and DRESS X. Learn about 3D art, Values and Digital Design.

  • E1: Locality, Self-Orientalism & Cultural Stereotypes with Imad Gebrayel
    June 26 2021

    Imad Gebrayal is a designer, educator, and researcher specializing in identity representation and bilingual visual communication. Learn about Culture, Communities and Values.