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We are a Consultancy and Edu Lab for Digital, Diverse and Sustainable Innovation

What we do

Unfolding Strategies is a Berlin-based creative consultancy and education lab working across strategy, education, and cultural research.


We specialise in digital innovation and sustainability, making sure that brands and organisations we work with use innovation for good. We help our clients understand and implement emerging technologies with clarity and impact.


We know how to cut through the complexity of a rapidly changing world and make it culturally relevant. We understand human desires, the newest trends, and emerging tech as we approach them from systemic, design, and psychology perspectives.


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  • BMW Digital innovation and product strategy consulting
  • Nike Strategic Insights on emerging consumer behaviors
  • T-Mobile x Alpha Tauri Strategic Insights on wearable technology
  • Aalto University Workshop on sustainable communication strategies
  • H&M Consulting on fashion in the metaverse
  • Fotografiska Museum Contributing expertise in a panel discussion
  • VORN Academy Digital innovation and sustainability mentorship
  • Me You Us Aligning education curricula with current industry demands
  • Vogue Poland x BCG Contributing expertise in a panel discussion
  • Parsons Paris Masterclass in digital identity and avatar design
  • Google x Sustainable Fashion Institute Delivering a keynote on digital sustainability on fashion
  • Reserved Training on digital and sustainable fashion for creative teams
  • 4F Insight on Gen Zs attitudes toward digital and sustainable fashion
  • Hoe_mies Digital fashion brand development
  • AMD Berlin Research and workshop on Inclusive Fashion Education



We reskill and upskill teams through

Training Workshops Talks

Creative Strategy

We design and build digital and sustainable solutions at every scale

Brand Strategy Product Development Research and Insight


We support partners and clients projects on

Metaverse Fashion Innovation Sustainability


New = Digital + Sustainable

Creative industries are currently undergoing complex cultural, economic and technological shifts. We are confident that fashion needs to embrace the digital revolution and address the climate crisis to flourish globally. This is why we built Unfolding Strategies: a Berlin-based strategy consultancy and education lab, where we support and deliver projects and training on digital culture, tech and sustainability.

Cultural Transformation

We operate as an open platform and understand fashion as a complex ecosystem and cultural fabric, not only as an image and product. Such words as transparency, care, and sustainability already define new lifestyles and consumer #goals. We take action and support the fashion industry in this transformation through Strategy, Cultural Insight and Education.

Fashion needs action

Unfolding Strategies advocates for systemic change in fashion and highlights its environmental, social, cultural and economic power relations. We use science, humanities and design methods to futureproof and reimagine the fashion and lifestyle industries. We empower businesses and institutions to grow as they implement new fashion strategies, making them the leading actors in the fight towards climate-positive and diverse fashion futures.

Beata Wilczek

Beata Wilczek

Founder beatawilczek.net